Friday, May 21, 2010

Tired of the job

Can I just say that it's been one of those days? One where Grace woke up with a great number - 140 -  and all was well with the world. One where it started to stink after Grace told me at 7:30 am that her Pod site itched (it was the 3rd day and time for a change later on today anyway). I changed her site. Now, I don't normally change a site before school. I like to keep an eye on things after a site change. But, I thought, what could go wrong, it will all be fine.

This is exactly how 'fine' it all went down so far today:

10 am check - 205
(what???? but ok, we correct and move on, I'll figure it out later)

12 pm lunch - 217
(ok, I'm not a rocket scientist, but that 10 am correction, did that 'take' at all? we decide to dose her for the high, dose for her carbs at lunch and call it a fluke. this will come to bite me in the a$$ in the following sentence.)

2 pm - gym check - 312
(crap. darn. what-the-you-know-what. plus some choice swear words in the aloneness of my house)

Ok mommies out there - what do we do? She has one hour left in school and has gym. GYM is her FAVORITE class all week. She waits for it each Friday. To miss it is to miss DisneyWorld, to her.

So we dose her through the I-must-have-stopped-working Pod on her upper right thigh. Lotta good that will do her. I might as well had her turn around 3 times, kiss a frog and jump twice. Same effect.

I let her roll to gym class at 312. Yes I did.
She will be home in one hour and I will put my detective hat on, figuring out if it's a bad site or what.

It's been one of those days.


Anonymous said...

I totally would have let Caleb play also. If you cannot explain those numbers otherwise (for example a food she has never eaten before, illness, etc.) I think you may have a bad site. I would pull the Pod.

Good luck!!!

muffinmoon said...

I am no expert and we don't use a pump (yet) but I feel you did right. You were between a rock and a hard place and chose to let your girl be herself and not feel that D has prevented her doing something. It's all firing at moving targets and we can only minimise the exposure to high numbers as much as we can. That's exactly what you did. Playing is vital and would have brought her so much joy.

Heather said...

I would have done the same thing. Let her go to class and figure out the problem later. You gotta let them be kids as much as you can with this disease. I hope you figure out the "source" of all the highs today.

Wendy said...

The only thing I might add would be to check ketones and give 8 oz of water.

If any ketones were present, I'd ask our nurse to program Addy's pump for a correction, then disconnect the pump, deliver it into the sink, and give a REAL correction via shot....that way I'd still have the handy dandy IOB programmed into the pump :)

Addy's Animas pump allows for very easy disconnect for stuff like this. Not sure if you could remove the pod and still program/deliver a correction bolus?

Anyway, if ketones were negative....8 oz water and GAME ON!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Wendy. In that situation I may have had the school nurse give her an injection. That being said, I'm always slow to recognize a bad site. Hope she was okay when she got home!

Hallie said...

I would have done the same thing, too. Exercise helps bring blood sugar down, right?!? Hope you've got it figured out!

my sweet girl said...

Oh boy do I know how you feel right now. I'm still working on S's blood sugars. Which have been making me nuts for a while now.
I would have let her go to gym class also! That's what we Mom's do - take on the stress and the kids have fun!

Cheryl said...

my DD (10) uses the pod and upper thighs give us bad numbers.