Friday, February 12, 2010


Grace got her ears pierced today. Where else, the mall. At Claire's.
She chose red rubies, the color of her birthstone.

This is her second time getting them pierced. She fiercely wanted them done when she was 5, and I let her. However, the next weeks were excruciatingly hard for her. She would not let me touch her ears. She would not let me clean them properly. She would not let me turn them half a turn, 3x a day, for 6 weeks. We eventually had to take out the earrings after 4 weeks because they looked as if they were getting infected. Her pierced ears closed up.

It's 3 years later now, but Grace remembers everything about that experience. She also has 3 years under her belt now. And she has diabetes.

This afternoon we were at the mall and Grace turns to me and says "Mom, can I get my ears pierced?" My inner voice is saying, 'Dear Lord, not again.' My outer voice however responded "Sure you can, if that's what you want." (I secretly wondered if possibly, I am on drugs :0) And sure enough, she did want to, even after explaining the procedure, how I would have to clean them and turn them and how they would have to be done 3x a day for 6 weeks. 

"Yep" she said, "Today. I want them pierced today. I know it will hurt. I have diabetes. I know it will hurt, but it's ok."

Damn near cried in Claire's.

This time, 3 years later, I am handed the permission form and there on it, in one of the boxes I need to check, is 'If you have these conditions: .... and ... and diabetes.... you should know that healing may be affected.'

Damn it, even getting your ears pierced has to be related to diabetes! I refuse to let this interfere. I say nothing to the woman who pierces the ears. I am just not gonna say it, I am not gonna take this moment away from Grace by yet another talk about diabetes. Damn it, she's getting her ears pierced and yes I know she could have slower healing time. I sign the form check the box and hand it back to the woman. Full speed ahead, diabetes be damned, is what I am really thinking.

She climbed up into the stool-chair where they do the piercings. She hugged the Claire's bear who also has her ears pierced. She cried. She pressed her head against me. I reassured her again and again that it didn't have to be today. We could come back. We could do it another day.

"No, today. Today Mom."

The woman who was piercing Grace's ears had numerous piercings herself. She was so very patient and waited for Grace to be calm. There is always an angel when I need an angel I reminded myself. Here she was at Claire's.  We waited. And waited. It took about 5 minutes, but Grace indicated she was ready. The tears stopped. She looked straight ahead and held my hand.


1st one done.


2nd one done.

Grace is smiling. Red rubies in her ears.


Meri said...

I got my ears pierced at the fair with my grandmother when I was 8. I remember it so clearly. I got red rubies too. :)

Look at her happy face. You should be proud mom.

Hallie Addington said...

Yay for Grace!
So funny you should post this...we've been having this talk, too! Avery is only 3 (ok, she'll be 4 in a few weeks) but her friend wants it done and so does she. But I wanted to talk to the doc first about the healing and infection risk. We've had crazy numbers and I can't take one more thing screwing her numbers up.... I know what you mean. Even ear piercing.. (or purse-ing as Ave says). She has decided to wait (thank goodness) but when we do go, we're going armed with EMLA on both lobes!
Happy for you both!

LaLa said...

I love that happy face!!!

Anonymous said...

My Grace got her ears pierced last May, and we also saw the "diabetes" warning. I, too, decided to ignore it and plow forward. We were there with Grace's best friend for them to get their ears pierced together - one chose purple and one chose red earings, and they swapped so each girl had one of each. It was so cute! Grace was diligent about keeping them clean and turning them, and we never had a problem.

On a different note, last summer Grace developed a plantars wart that I assume she picked up the virus at the pool. When I went to CVS to find some meds, they all said diabetics should seek immediate medical attention and not use OTC products. Her CDE said not to worry, and her pediatrician recommended wrapping it with duct tape (which actually worked!). I understand the issues with the feet, but I became so worried that my 8 year old already had diabetic foot problems! Thankfully, the duct tape worked and we've had no other issues.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

"There is always an angel when I need an angel I reminded myself." : )

Tracy said...

Love how happy she looks! I am thinking about doing Savannah's now, before she can remember it. :) We will see.

Hope she does well with letting you clean and turn them!