Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Shelf

The Shelf. The Drawer. The Cabinet.
We all have one, us D-Moms (and Dads!). It reminds us daily of everything.

Mine is in the kitchen, on the wall. My father built it the weekend that we came home from the hospital with our T1 diagnosis. I think he had tears in his eyes when he built it for his granddaughter. The fastest shelf ever built. You can hang from it, it is so strong.

I thought I would share with all of you out there what exactly our shelf holds.

1. Extra test kits. For emergency. Or when Mom forgets one and needs to grab another meter :0)

2. Syringes. Lots of syringes. We do the ole shots at this house. My gal is a 31 gauger. Thinner and shorter needle the better. They still hurt. Each and every one of them.

3. Gauze pads. Which dear ole Mom (that's me) cuts into tiny squares. Why you ask? So when Gracie pricks her finger and she is done testing, she can wrap her finger up in a little bandage. Quirky? Yes. It gets her through each and every finger prick, so I cut little tiny bandages out of gauze every week. Whatever works for you is what I say.

4. You all know what those 2 things are. I hate to utter the word. Glucagon. Never had to use it yet. I have jinxed myself by even saying it. It can stay all cozy right there on the shelf, thank you very much.

5. Every low's best friend, glucose tabs. Orange and grape.

6.  Books and info. The Pink Panther book is here too, the one they gave us in the hospital, which explains everything about Type 1 in a funny, non-threatening way, as if you were just getting a cold. I've disliked the Pink Panther since this book. Who ever thought we should make a book for parents that poses the PP around like this is all so funny and lighthearted? I do like Think Like A Pancreas though, gave me lots of useful info. And no stinkin PP!

7. Test strips. Test strips. Test strips. I could make some cool decorations with all that we have. I might some day.

8. Ketostix. Maybe it's cause she's 7, but Grace loves when I have to check her 'pee' as she names it. She thinks it's gross and funny and loves to compare the color of the stick to the chart. Maybe it's the whole body fluid thing, but I am not as amused as she is each time we have had to use them.

9. Lancets. Don't ask when I changed hers last. Please don't ask. I'm going right now to do it, promise.

10. Travel kit. Grab it when we go out the door. Needs an ice pack and a vial and we are good to go.

11. Syringes, in an attractive plastic cup.

12. Her little gauze bandages. They are in a cup from a friend and on the outside it reads 'A Cup of Comfort.' On the inside of the cup, when you get to the bottom it reads 'All Will Be Well.' I love this cup.

13. Log books. Carb count books. I will never look at little spiral notebooks the same after Type 1.

14. Basic reference. Keeps me on my toes to read it again and again and again.

15. This was on the inside of a box of diabetes supplies. I found it inspiring, so I cut it out and hung it up. I read it at least once a day. It has almost become my mantra. Here it is for you:

16. A note from a friend who has Type 1 too. It lets me know that women can live a long time with T1 and be healthy.

17. Waterproof ID bracelet. Extra Lauren's Hope bracelet. One can never be too fashionable with medical wear.

And there it is, our shelf. Hope you enjoyed this little tour.


Tracy said...

We have a similar cabinet, only with LOTS of pump supplies too! I have been meaning to take a picture since I cleaned it out last weekend. :)

Thanks for sharing your shelf!

LaLa said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I love that shelf because your dad built it!!!

Anonymous said...

same here! Just one question shouldn't glucagon be kept in the fridge?

Penny said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for commenting. I have never been told to store glucagon in the frig. I just looked it up online and it says store at room temp.
Glucagon Emergency Kit Inj Storage
Store at room temperature between 68-77 degrees F (20-25 degrees C) away from light and moisture. Do not freeze.
Has anyone heard any different?

Anonymous said...

I get such a great feeling when the new box of supplies arrives in the mail and my shelf goes from being depleted to full. Weird, I know, but I get the warm-fuzzies!

And I keep all G's medical insurance info on my shelf. It helps me stay organized with all her stuff in one place. Between co-pays, deductibles and flex-spending I tend to go a little crazy. 4 folders in a big binder, all with her supplies.


Penny said...

hi Pam - I know how you feel when the 'windfall' comes and we are stocked up. Weird feeling, but a good one.
I keep al of my G's in a binder too. That way it's ready to go to dr appts and all.

Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

I like you shelf!! Handy place to keep everything!! Great idea. Great quote too!!