Wednesday, May 17, 2017

DBlog Week: The Empowerment Game

Let’s not play the Blame Game. That game stinks.
Let’s play the Empowerment Game. Much better.

It’s 2009. Your six year old daughter has just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and you are in the ER at a local hospital. It’s almost midnight. You are alone with her and you finally get to the hospital room after a long night in the ER. Your head is swimming with data and doctors and nurses and IVs and OMGs. You finally have a moment to think about it all.

And in walks a nurse and and a D parent.

‘We have some things for you. Can you talk for a minute?’

‘Yeah, I mean sure. We’re here aren’t we?’

‘I want you to meet Jane, she’s a parent of a child with diabetes just like your daughter. In fact, her daughter is 9 now and was diagnosed at age 5. She wanted to come say hello.’
‘Hi. I know it’s really really hard right now. Someone said this to me, and now I am saying it to you. You can do this. And I’ll be here to help, as part of your support team. If you want to talk, great, and if it takes you some time to talk, that’s fine too. Here’s my name, my cell phone number and my email. If you haven’t reached out to me in a few weeks, I’ll reach out to you, ok?’

‘Um, well, sure. You know, this is so overwhelming right now. I don’t even know what to ask. Thanks though.’

‘No problem. I’m just a phone call away. And I’ve been in your shoes. You are not alone.’

Rule #1 of the Empowerment Game: No one is in this alone.

D parent leaves.

In comes a box.

In the box is:

Rule #2 of the Empowerment Game: No need to reinvent the wheel, others have tried them and they work, now you.

And what else is in the box?

A computer. Just for you. And it’s bookmarked to favorite blogs in the DOC. It’s bookmarked with informational websites about diabetes. It’s bookmarked to great DOC community sites.

Rule #3 of the Empowerment Game: No one is in this alone (see Rule #1) and there is a huge community of people who get it, who are willing to help.

There's one more thing that awaits you in this game. And it's the best one yet.

Oh look, here they come into your hospital room!

It's a representative from your insurance company.

'I am here to help you make this disease more manageable. I understand this is hard work, for everyone. The last thing you need is to fight insurance companies. I'll be your connection to an efficient, responsible and proactive system of care for your child. I will help you get what you need to keep her healthy and happy. Here's my direct phone number.'

Wouldn't this all be fantastic? To leave a place where your child was just diagnosed, with a full set of resources, connection, people who get it, and information to help you get on with caring for your child.


Kelley said...

Yes, all those things would be fantastic! What a great idea.

Joanne said...

For a second, I thought you were describing what had happened to you at dx... but then it all started to sound too good to be true. I won't tell you at what point in the post I realized this, because it is embarrassing.

I need sleep.


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