Thursday, January 13, 2011

We have 2 winners!!!

Thank you everyone for celebrating Grace's 2 year diaversary with me! 
Thanks for all your entries into the giveaway too!
I listed all the comments - who wanted which package, then numbered all of you on the list. I had 16 entries for package #1 and 13 entries for package #2.

The packages were:

#1 - Bayer Contour USB meter, Delica lancing device and Delica lancets

#2 - Type 1 University class - FREE!

The winners are:

Prize Package #1 - Bayer Contour USB meter, Delica lancing device and Delica lancets

Kelly Harp (who commented as Anonymous, then later posted her name!)

Prize Package #2 - Type 1 University Class

So, Kelly and Jen, please contact me at my email - and I will get your prizes to you!

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks everyone for entering!


Unknown said...

SO FUN!!!! Congrats to your winners :)

Anonymous said...

yeah!! Brianna and I are so excited tomorrow is her birthday!

Thanks so much
Kelly Harp :)

Unknown said...

Awesome contest Penny! I am psyched for the winners! How was Grace's 2nd Diaversary?

Jen said...

NO WAY! I am so excited! Thank you Penny!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Your story and your blog here for your daugther is so sweet. Best to you both.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! We received the package Brianna was excited to try the new lancets! She said they don't hurt! I think we might get a script for them. Use them at home and multiclix at school