Monday, February 4, 2013

CWD Tech Conference Weekend

CWD - Children with Diabetes - hosted a Technology Conference this past weekend in Virginia. Grace and I traveled down to just outside Washington, DC, for it. And of course, it filled me with new insights, with new ideas and most of all, a sense that Grace and I are not alone in this journey.

For Grace, it was a chance to reunite and spend time with her DBFF (Diabetes Best Friend Forever). The reunion is all so sweet. These two girls completely adore one another, and accept one another. They don't fight, they don't argue. They laugh and laugh and laugh. They are snarky together. They hold hands, they ask advice, they put arms around shoulders and always sit next to each other everywhere we go during the weekend.

They just pick up where they left off. Diabetes camp in the summer was the last time they saw each other. It's like it's a day later with these gals.

And we learn a lot, and we listen to a lot, and we talk a lot, but not always diabetes. It doesn't rule our world, not even at a CWD conference.

It's just two friends, sharing some love.


Mike Hoskins said...

Aside from all the knowledge you picked up there, those pics make it so much more meaningful! Very awesome that she got to hang out with some fellow D-Peeps. Thanks for snapping those, and sharing them with us here!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Such a treat to see this in person, and a SUPER treat for me to meet Grace.

Thanks for bringing her. :-)

Karen said...

I can't even tell you how much I love this - but I guess that's okay because I'm pretty sure you just know!! I also can't even tell you how great it was to meet you and Grace. :)