Friday, January 18, 2013

Dexcom G4 Spot-On

Ever since Grace got her Dexcom G4, honestly, it has been spot on for her blood sugar readings. Oh sure, there are moments here and there - a 185 BG finger stick compared with a 150-ish Dexcom reading, but nothing earth-shattering in terms of being off. It really does stay pretty darn close to her actual BG via finger stick.

And the adhesive, for Grace, is really sticking. I use SkinTac just around the area where the adhesive will lie, but not over the spot where the insertion will happen. That thing sticks. Some edges come up here and there, and I just trim them off as they happen.

This current Dex is on Day #14 and still going strong.


PancreasticMom said...

We are on our 3rd week of using the Dexcom G4 and our 3rd sensor. I keep reading about the sensors being used longer than 7 days, but I don't know how to do that. How do you get around the "Replace Sensor Now" screen? I hate to pull a working sensor as well if it can be avoided! We are not having any trouble with the reported reactions to the adhesive and for that I am thankful. A bit of trouble getting the adhesive to LAST the whole week...but I will try the SkinTac Thanks!

Joanne said...

I noticed you use calibration code 17 for the pdm... We just started using the freestyle strips and they are so off when it comes to Elise's numbers. We've tried using calibration codes 16 and 17' but when we compare it to the one touch, the freestyle is off by 100 or more. The one touch is always closest to what the CGM is saying. All this to ask, do you see an issue with the freestyle strips? I'm not sure what I should do, but I don't trust them at all.