Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dear Food Police

Dear Food Police,

Stop. Just stop. Please stop? Pretty please stop? Oh hell with it, you’re not gonna stop, so I might as well go on a little tirade.

I actually have a semi-clue as to what I am doing with this whole parent-of-a-Type-1 thing. Yes, I do know that cookies have sugar. I have heard that rumor. I even heard that sugar itself has sugar. Imagine that. Somehow I thought through our conversation tonight that it appeared I had never heard the word ‘sugar’ before, counting the number of times you mentioned it.

The shaking-the-head-at-me thing at me doesn’t really work for me either. I can see you. Gracie can see you. Everyone sees you. You are telling her not to eat that, right? I do get the drift you are conveying, that I am a clueless mom, who doesn’t even know about sugar, much less about ‘the diabetes’ and what ‘those diabetics’ should and should not eat.

You see, my dear little 7 year old, the one running around the house at warp speed right now, will not somehow magically get ‘rid’ of her diabetes by less sugar and more exercise. The Big ‘D’ ain’t going anywhere. She could exercise til dawn. Still diabetic. Not even a lick of sugar. Still diabetic. Sit still, not move and meditate real hard. Still diabetic. She’s a hard case, my gal. She has ‘got the sugars bad’ as you might phrase it.

So next time you think that you know what she should and should not eat and how best to run her life and frankly, mine, well, I suggest you start writing that book that you need to get started on. I’m sure it will sell like hotcakes.

By the way, hotcakes have sugar in them.

Thanks so much for stopping by,
Gracie’s Mom

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