Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pulling the site

I think it's a bad site. I think I should pull it.

You should know that these thoughts above NEVER run through my head. I NEVER think the Pod is malfunctioning or not delivering insulin or not doing it's job. I truly believe it just works, all the time. Maybe I am just naive. But I honestly never think it's the mechanical device that screws up, I just think it's ME.

The last two days have been nothing short of messed up. And if I could curse a lot on my blog (I guess I can, I mean, it's my blog, right?! But I will spare you) there would be a heck of a lot of curse words before the 'messed up' part of that previous sentence.

And this is what went down. I think I lost my mind somewhere over the course of the last two days. I don't even know right from left, bolus from basal. Ever get lost in the game, my friends? I was lost.

Thanksgiving was fine. Bolused, a little too much I think, for the pumpkin pie, which she ended up not eating. Fine, substituted a cookie for it and all was well. Ever since then, the diabetes gods have laughed at me.

Dexcom. Up and down. Up and down. Living on a merry-go-round.
Yeah, nice little waves of food eaten, then back to 'in-range' on the Dexcom - yeah, not.
No highs or lows - yeah, not.

Penny, you should totally pull the site.

This thought again did not enter my head. Not at all. I am thinking I am screwing up big time, and maybe I am. There is something definitely wrong. I always run a 50/50 basal/bolus split, and sometimes even a 60/40. Grace uses, on average, about 31 units a day.

OK, ready to see what she used yesterday?
45.70 units!

Penny, please, for the love of all that is holy, PULL THE SITE!!!!

Nope, still gonna ignore the fact that I should pull it. I will be damned if I will pull something that I think is working. Even though it's not. Sometimes, my thinking goes south.


You know, what if I just temp basaled the crap out of every meal? I mean, like +75% for 3 hours? Hmmm, still not budging from a 245 BG with a straight constant arrow. Even with 1.85 IOB and the increased temp basal. What else could it be, Penny? What else could it possible be???

Penny wracks her head. Bangs it on the floor. Curses the diabetes gods.

Penny, honestly, I am starting to question your thoughts processes. It is THE SITE. 

I know! Maybe I will change the site. Maybe that will help.

I pulled the site. It is pink and oozing something. One of the first times I have ever seen something like this on Grace.

OK, so I should have listened to my little diabetes-voice.

Next time, 45.70 units into the game, I will pull the site.

Carry on, folks.


PancreasticMom said...

I always blame everything else before I blame the site too. Took a never-before-seen 419 to make me realize that was the problem last time we were having a similar experience as you described. Glad to know I'm not alone! So sorry for your worry-filled day:(.

Sara said...

We all do it!

Why are we so willing to blame ourselves before we blame a bad site?!

Unknown said...

Hi Penny. Kelly Kunik shared your blog on her blog and I'm happy I found it. My daughter Roxy (4 1/2) was dx Feb 2010. She uses the Pod and DexCom too. I think today might be one of those days for me...high before lunch at pre-school. Waiting to hear if it came down with my correction. I just had this feeling this a.m., should have listened to my gut.