Monday, May 14, 2012

D Blog Week - Find a Friend 'Grace's Courage'


It's the 3rd Annual Diabetes Blog Week!

Thanks to Karen Graffeo of the wonderful blog Bitter-Sweet for putting it all together. If you would like to participate in this week, head on over to Karen's blog and sign up!

Today's blog post is 'Find A Friend.'

Of course, in the diabetes blog world, I seek out the D Mamas. The ones I can relate to, commune with and learn from. There are some wonderful D Mamas out there, who are writing about their experiences raising a child with Type 1 diabetes. I wanted to introduce you to the latest Mama I found out here.

Jen Janofsky, of Grace's Courage. Yep, she's got a daughter named Grace too! Maybe that makes me a wee bit partial, oh well. She's a local Mama in the Greater Philadelphia area who writes about her daughter and her experiences. Her daughter was diagnosed in 2011 and they began journeying on this Type 1 road. She's real, she's funny and she's smart.

Now, go on over and give her some DOC love. And while you are at it, follow her on Twitter too at #jenjanofsky cause the woman has her PhD in history too! And she's a runner and trains for triathletes. And most of all, she's a D Mama.

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