Sunday, October 30, 2011

Walmart D-Supplies & Bayer A1C Test

Our town just got a new Walmart. We've only ever had Targets. Opened my eyes to a whole new shopping experience, I tell ya! We just got the Walmart ad in our Sunday newspaper and lo and behold, there was a whole section devoted to diabetes! I showed Grace and she said 'It's like it was meant to be!' - you would have thought I showed her the Toys R Us toy catalogue or something!

Walmart ad booklet

Good to know Walmart has Humalin for $24.88!!!
Glucose tabs - $1.23 - Grace chose the watermelon and fruit punch flavors
Our 3 month endo visit is on Tuesday. I have always wondered if the Bayer A1C kits are near what our office A1C is. So, I bought one and will try it out on Tuesday when we go.

I opened the kit and well, it looks a little more involved than I thought. Good thing I am a reader-of-directions before I attempt anything. Unlike others in my family who-shall-not-be-named but they are also the -I'll-be-damned-if-I-will-ask-for-directions kind of person. Wink wink.

$22.48 for two A1C test kits in one package

Ahhhh, the elusive 6.3. One can hope, right?!

Lots of packaging. Codes much match. Do not open until ready to use.

Each kit has two cartridges that are inserted into the black base.
Then each has a blood collector and 'shaker' that is pressed into the front of the base.

First you take the blood sample and insert it into the blood collector.
Shake it and snap on the cap and then stand it upright.

Then you connect the cartridge to the base, wait for the prompts and remove the cap
off the blood collector. Then you press the tip of the blood collector into the front.
5 minutes later, voila! An A1C!
So, I will let you all know how this goes on Tuesday.


Meri said...

I look forward to seeing your results! And I wonder if that 10 buck mini meter is good in California too???

Unknown said...

Awesome :)

We tried the same thing a couple years was 0.2 off. Curious to see what your results are!


This is for you, my friend...ENJOY!

Welcome to Walmart!

Unknown said...

We only have Walmart...NO Target!!! And...I am super mad about no TARGET! I.WANNA.TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhooo...I cannot wait to see the correlation between the two. Report back. xo

LaLa said...

Ahhhhh Wally World!! I can't stand our Wal-Mart but their prices cannot be beat!! I hope those prices in your ad are god at our Wal-Mart too!!