Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lauren's Hope Clearance Sale and Giveaway!

Laurens Hope

You should know that we are HUGE fans of Lauren's Hope medical ID jewelry around here. Like major bling folks. I wanted Grace to wear medical ID with Type 1 on it, and the stuff out there when she was diagnosed two years ago, well, it just lacked, well, it lacked BLING. I mean gorgeous stuff that you would actually WANT to wear, diabetes be damned.

We wrote a story about how Lauren's Hope medical jewelry and our lives with Type 1 way back in June of 2010   . We won the Lauren's Hope contest they were running at the time. You can read our winning entry here.
medical alert bracelets for women

That's Lauren's Hope.

They are having a major clearance sale and a giveaway of one of their bracelets. That's the giveaway bracelet on the right, entitled 'Under the Sea.' Head on over and enter!

And yes, we just indulged in a few clearance bracelets - one that says 'Blessed' cause we truly are, and another one, rocking the pink.

Enjoy everyone!

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Reyna said...

They are so cute! Too bad they are not Joe's style and I don't think they would last a day on that maniac of a kid.